Our Story

Between us we have lived Child loss, Husband Suicide, Miscarriage, Divorce, Separation, Partner Mental Health, PTSD, Anxiety, Parenting, Family Strains, and everyday life challenges - we realised through these experiences what helped us even for a moment, creating even a tiny bit of light in the darkness and package those things up for people to send when they don’t have the words to say, and just want to let someone know they are thought of, loved and have many happy healing vibes being sent their way

We are not experts, just real people navigating life as best we can hoping to help anyone who needs something to send and anyone who is experiencing tough times with our gift boxes full of healing goodness

Because let’s face it who doesn’t feel a spark of happiness when you receive a parcel or delivery

This is exactly why we created, Luna Frankie, What to Send....

Through our own healing journey's we have found what brings us joy, integrating our love of shopping, gift wrapping, styling, crystals, photography, celebrations, alternative therapies, and giving to others has evolved into our passion and purpose, Luna Frankie

All our products are Thetahealing blessed personally by us and are gift wrapped with light, love and healing vibes

with much love,

Lisa and Shannon xo