the healing gift company
the healing gift company
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magick making

Manifesting all magick makers, spirited seekers, sacred sisters.

Welcome to our little space of the divine to share with other alchemy adorers, empowering you to ignite your everyday

Like Sarah from The Witch Apprentice, we believe the universe centres on the universal laws of attraction: what you put out to the world, you get back. So combine your abundance of self-worth with element-enhancing rituals, your favourite crystals or candles and these everyday blends and watch as your manifestations unfold!

Remember to choose your words wisely as you conjure up your wildest desires all the way from protection to abundance spells.

here you will find an ever growing range of Essential Oils, Crystals, Candles and special pieces for spell craft for the everyday witch xo

Happy magick making you blessed beings xo