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Why are we called Luna Frankie????

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Why are we called Luna Frankie????

Meet the Luna to our Frankie

A smiley can’t stay still Dalmatian who thinks she is still the same size as a puppy and wants to hop on your lap and snuggle full of excitement and love

Meet the Frankie to our Luna

A sweet caring tan and white sort of scruffy Jack Russell who is either calm and snuggly or springing high on adventure energy but just totally full love

Among the millions of reasons dogs are so amazing is their ability to soothe us when we are sad or in mourning. Ever have a bad day at work or receive some bad news? Your dog picks up on this through your visual cues - crying, frowning and/or other body language - and can tell you are sad. They will quickly be by your side, nuzzling your hand so you can pet them, cuddle them or just cry into their furry bodies. They want us to be happy; when we are sad, they will do whatever they can to make us know we are not alone.

Did you know that our anxiety is substantially reduced every time we simply pet a dog? It is a proven fact! Our pups are there for us in the good times and the bad - dogs are incredible like that.

Your pup is very intuitive to energies - be it good, bad or sad. They are sponges for our energy and normally reflect our energy back to us.  When a dog notices you are sad, for example, you may see them lower their ears, lie down and stare at you with big old puppy eyes.

Your sadness has affected them and they are there for you to pet, hug or cry on. They will normally not leave your side until your energy changes or you are, at the very least, not quite as sad.

At Luna Frankie we have our Dalmatian Luna and our Jack Russell Frankie who have been there for us always through the good and through the unfixable....... and this is why we are called Luna Frankie, we choose each product and pack each box with a sprinkling of that puppy dog healing heart

Then it’s gift wrapped and boxed up for you to send to your loved ones who need that loving supporting feeling too

with much love, hope and happiness

Lisa and Shannon xo

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