The practice of letting go

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The Practice of Letting Go

Start by taking a moment to connect to your current time and space. Notice if their is tension in your body. Start to relax those tightened muscle. Open your awareness beyond yourself. Become aware of openness & possibilities letting go can help you cultivate inner stability and connect to greater meaning during uncertain times.

Mindfulness is one way of skillfully disengaging from or letting go of negative thinking. This approach involves practicing how to notice. when you are automatically drifting into negative. thinking and then skillfully redirecting your. attention back to the present, to the here and now.

Learning how to let go, and sit with the present moment is at the core of mindful living. ‘Holding on’, and ‘letting go’ occurs in both the physical, muscular sense and also in an emotional sense.

Let go of story. 

What stories about yourself are keeping you wound up? What story can you let go of? What story do you want to cultivate that creates more peace and balance? replace the old story with something more supportive at any time during the day or simply repeat it over and over as a way to calm the mind and body.

Let go of stuff.

We acquire so many things because we believe that this thing, this experience, etc., will make us happy. By continuing to search outside of ourselves for pleasure without a strong inner practice to tether ourselves to, we will always be hungry and our hearts and bellies will never feel full.

What if you could come from a place of enough—how much stuff would you actually need? What do you really need to feel full?

Let go of busyness.

How can you simplify your life so you have time for what really matters? What is the first thing you can let go of today?

Next time you are faced with a challenging situation see if you can use this mindful breathing exercise to help you move forward and heal your hurt. Place your attention on the time you felt betrayed, misunderstood, rejected, or deceived.
It could be a time when someone let you down, or a time you didn’t feel appreciated or respected… Bring to mind that scenario, and start with something small if it’s your first time practicing this exercise. See if it’s possible to connect with what’s beneath that hurt.
Breathing into the feelings of that experience. Bring that person to mind, and really get close, connecting with the emotion of what happened.
See if it’s possible to connect with what’s beneath that hurt.
Breathing into the feelings of that experience. Now see if it’s possible to find the slightest compassion for this person, knowing that we all make mistakes, we all make poor choices and lack foresight.
See if you’re able to connect with the slightest understanding of why the person you’re envisioning may have acted in this hurtful way.
See if you’re able to see past the exterior into the hurt or fear or confusion that might have been driving that person.If you feel unable to release anger, pain or resentment in this moment, that’s okay. Accept that forgiveness isn’t something that can be forced.
Ask yourself: am I ready to let go?
See if you can invite a softening and free yourself of the pain you’re holding. If you feel you aren’t ready to let go of your hurt, you might ask yourself: “Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free?” And just sit with that question for a moment. Again, there’s no right or wrong answer, just the answer that’s true for you right now.
So spend a few moments, connecting with that place within yourself that wants to be free and see if the slightest amount of forgiveness is possible. You don’t have to necessarily focus on the person, simply sink into what peace and freedom would feel like.
Breathe in to that place of hurt and offer it some warmth, offer it space and compassion. Breathe into what’s here, seeing if you’re ready to accept the invitation to let go. On your next inhale, breathe in forgiveness, then, as you exhale, feel the release that comes with letting go. Follow the breath drawing in forgiveness, and on the out-breath, feel into the release of letting go. Let the feeling of freedom breathe through your entire body.

Each day we will be looking into all types of techniques that can help with letting go, try them and see what works for you

Much Love

Lisa and Shannon xo

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