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Staff and Business Wellness

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Building a Positive Team - Helping Your People to Be Happy and Engaged

Have you ever been part of a highly motivated, high-morale team, and felt appreciated by your employer?

If you have, chances are that most days, you were happy to come to work.
You were focused and enthusiastic. You enjoyed collaborating with your colleagues and, together, you worked hard and came up with some great ideas.

We believe sending your staff surprise Luna Frankie Gift Box’s will get you on your way, or keep you at the top of your positive team game.

We all know Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

The key to having a successful wellness program at work is encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your team engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So making your initiatives fun, trying new ideas and seeing what your team values is the goal.

Employee wellness is a year-round priority, because when the health of your staff improves, so does productivity, morale, and your bottom line.

Need a new idea to create this wellness space in your workplace?
Luna Frankie has your back by creating Staff Wellness Gift Boxes!

Why Luna Frankie? We are real people, focused on providing a gift box service full of uplifting goodness, at Luna Frankie we create an experience not just a gift box.

Our shopping expertise and gift giving recipe creates the perfect combination of products. Igniting the senses, pulling elements of Colour therapy, Crystal therapy, Aromatherapy, Self Care Body, and Self Care Mind, Australian Handmade items and not forgetting Charity support from each purchase too.

Let’s face it who doesn’t feel a spark of happiness when you receive a parcel or delivery, add the surprise, and unique items to the mix, we know your staff will get all the feels and set your team up for positive business wellness!

Interested? Click the links, we are ready to gift box for you...

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