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Soul Sight, Third Eye Chakra - interpreting intuitive messages

intuative juniper meditation scolecite third eye

Soul Sight, Third Eye Chakra - interpreting intuitive messages

In the Third Eye Chakra meditation on the weekend I received a box of juniper berries and a white heart crystal as part of my intuitive messages, here I spend time connecting the pieces to the message and see how it is all intertwined and related to the Third Eye Chakra.

This meditation for me, was all about being able to connect spiritually to people who need it in my soul site (the place I go often in meditation and while doing inner balancing sessions) both in person and from afar, so we can communicate and send loving healing, personally in this particular meditation to an estranged family member whom I know is doing what they need to and will return when the time is right.

I don't know why after all of these years meditating I do still get amazed by the connections in meditation and the confirmation components to reaffirm what it was all about, for me right now in my life, and for the greater community connected to us at Luna Frankie.

When connected in this mediation, I also asked for a message to share to all and that message is below, and is a lovely reminder for us all:

‘I am worthy and beam love from within’

More interpreting intuitive messages and symbols shown in the meditation

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are good for protection, spirit communication, good health and prosperity - they are connected to the 5th and 6th Chakras, Throat and Third Eye

Juniper berries are a fire element and connected to the planet Jupiter

Juniper Berries aid calmness and ease stress. Juniper Berries are a good choice for use during prayer or meditation, as they cleanse and purifie the air.

Heart shaped crystals are great for attracting LOVE

White Scolecite Crystal

The peaceful and calming energies of this stone help to soothe the mind and bring about spiritual transformation. Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit. This facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation. It's serene energy supports meditation, enhances the dream state, assists with dream recall and astral traveling.

Scolecite also opens channels to other worlds and ancient civilizations. Enhances team spirit in groups and organizations. Helps to get to the basis of a problem so you can regain self control and create a preferred reality.

Scolecite is a powerful rebalancing stone, especially for people who have spent a large amount of time in high-energy environments. In Chinese philosophy, scolecite is associated with Yin energy, in contrast to Yang energy. Yang energy is outward-focussed, whereas Yin energy is inward-focussed, and promotes self-love and self-healing.

We all need some reflective, self-focussed recharging time sometimes, Scolecite will speed up the recharging process, helping you gather your energy and calm yourself

For those who feel uneasy when they are on their own, especially when they feel that “bad thoughts” are just on the edge of their consciousness, prepared to swoop in at any moment, scolecite may be the perfect stone for you. It will allow you to rest easy with your own mind, rather than being afraid of “bad thoughts.”

The calming energy of scolecite stones can help those who deal with anxiety and insomnia, helping you sleep easily when the energy around you is rattling around inside your brain.

One of the best ways to use scolecite is to place it in a room where you frequently spend time especially, alone with your own thoughts. You may feel calmer, comforted, and generally at ease every time you enter, without even knowing why! By placing it in the room, you will become primed for introspection every time you enter. It will also ward off any anxieties or negative thoughts that might disrupt your thinking patterns while you are in this room. Helping you be creative and innovative and preventing becoming bogged down with unnecessary fears.

You can also wear scolecite as a piece of jewellery in order to take this energy with you everywhere you go.

Placing Scolecite on your forehead in between your eyebrows, ie on your third eye chakra will make you feel peaceful and calm, helping to elevate yourself to a higher dimension when you are in a meditative state. Even if you just hold a piece of  Scolecite while you meditate, it will  effectively clear and activate your crown chakra. Meditation with Scolecite can bring knowledge from the past and from the future to your present.
This stone will guide you as you perform astral travel so that you can connect with different entities from different realms.

Sleeping with Scolecite will also softly enhance your dream state. It is a wonderful crystal to aid you to feel calmer and more relaxed, and having a heart stone under your pillow is very beneficial to aid restful sleep

if you would like your own Scolecite Heart you can purchase one here:

All of the above lovely messages for us all, tips on bringing more of these vibes to our own worlds and explaining why these symbols were shown in my meditation

If you would like to join us for a workshop all about Scolecite Meditation book here:

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Both Shannon and myself would love to,

much light and happiness, Lisa xo

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