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snaccccccks Luna Frankie review by Jonny Skoot

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This week we dropped off a little snack pack to our friend who was finally home from hospital after surgery, he LOVES snacks and beer and has the best sense of humor, now we didnt expect anything like what we received, but we loved it so so much we just have to share.

Before you see Jonny and his 'unboxing' fun, we want to to give you a little insight to Jonny's world....

Jon was a High Voltage Linesman, which bascialy means he did powerline work from helicopters


Back in 2016, Jon was in a Helicopter crash whilst working, he survived amazingly however sustained a burst L1 fracture, spinal cord injury and underwent emergency surgrey, placing rods and screws L2 - T12 in his back. He also suffers from Conus Medularus Syndrome amongst other injuries now. Recently he has had more surgery to replace the screws and rods, as the screws were moving, requiring 16 days in hospital

Jon is a total inspiration to us, his whole world was ripped from under him in moments, trauma, and tragedy. Pain, and uncertainlty being apart of his everyday life now, yet he still makes the best of things, smiles and has humor in his world (most days)

Oh boy, we are glad we decided to drop a little snack pack whilst being homebound recovering to him, because his humor made our day - we feel he gave us more from this video than what we gave to him xo

Check out Jon unboxing his SNACCCCCK box here:

Much love and healing vibes to you and your family Jonny xo

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See more of Jonny here:

Jonny Pre-Accident:




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  • Anna on

    How fantastic these gift boxes are! I’ve known Jonny from day dot! He’s an amazing man who is making the best of the situation he has found himself in along with Kylie, his beautiful fiancé! Watching Jonny open his gift box showed him at his best & finding everything in the box giving him more inspiration for the next jonnyscoot video! He’s very lucky to have friends like you guys but then I think your fortunate to have him In your lives too!! Keep up the great book with your gift boxes!!

  • Kylie Schmith on

    Wow!! You’ve told the story so well guys and we are forever grateful for your heartfelt gift we found at the front door. It really made our day! Much love xx

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