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she’s been off, sad, moody, she was being bullied

bullying girls good vibes healing Luna Frankie mental health what to send with love Luna Frankie xo

"The last couple of weeks Z hasn’t been feeling herself, she’s been off, sad, moody and the complete opposite of who she usually is.

Her bright, cheery smile and happy go lucky self she usually is, seemed a thing of the past.

We were so confused and unsure what was happening until she finally admitted to me, she was being bullied at school.

We’re taking all the steps we can to stop this, and to help Z feel loved and know we care.

One of those steps was a beautiful Luna Frankie gift box - which was absolutely filled with goodies to help Z get back on track with her happy little self"

Little sister Daisy was super excited to give it to her when she got home from school, and even tried to bust into it herself !!!

Thank you to Kim and her family for being brave and sharing, and to sweet little Z - we send you so many Luna Frankie loving healing vibes xo

This story really breaks our hearts, and so many kids and parents are facing this challenge, everyday

This is exactly one of the reasons we created our "Shine" gift box for tween girls

Hearing how receiving one of them really did help bring shine back into a little one, makes us fill with happiness

And a perfect reason to share with you a little more about why we choose what we do at Luna Frankie...

At Luna Frankie, we really spend alot of time creating our gift boxes, pulling on what helped us through our own healing journie's to bring us little moments of joy, and all purchases are truly gift wrapped and boxed with loving vibes

They are age appropriate, fun, uplifting and feature colour therapy, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, self care body and self care mind products always as a base

We search high and low for the best products, and as many handmade local Australian ones as we can, or ones connected to our personal worlds

We road test these products, getting people from all walks of life in the age group to try them, and tell us how they make them feel, helping create the perfect Luna Frankie Gift Box mix

In this Shine Gift box case, we had even more testers than normal, from the harshest critics ever, the four tween daughters we have between us !!!

Here is a little insight into our Luna Frankie recipes

For instance, what little girl wouldn't love a tiny hand made worry doll, in it's own little tin house - someone to whisper your worries to, a magic little friend, a treasure to keep close

These worry dolls are all unique and handmade in a Thailand Village.
The village is where one of our Aunties grew up, and where her family still resides

And rainbows, everyone loves rainbows - especially one you can wear !!!
These bracelets are not just pretty like a rainbow, but have the colour, crystal and charkra healings connected to them, if your into crystal therapy, colour therapy, and charkra balancing that is - if not they are still a must have fashion accessory item for every little lady, matching every outfit and looking super cute

Affirmations cards with serene thoughts do really help calm the chaos, give you a sweet thought to start or end the day, and we all know how powerful thoughts are

These cards are published by a company where one of us grew up and feature so many cute images by artist Kate Knapp

And here we play on the sweets, because kids LOVE the sweets, and let's face it, most of us go looking for sweet comforts when we are feeling down

Bubblegum and Honey

The Bubblegum Yum vibe is a cool way to get clean, whipped soaps are packed with nourishing butters and oils, and are a relaxing way to take some self care time in a bubble bath or shower (we really wish we had a way for you to smell how perfectly this smells like your Hubba Bubba childhood treat, it's bubbletastic!!!) Sarah from Hot Mess Body is a dream body product creator, we love sharing her brand

Honey, Lemon Myrtle & Green Tea is a super blend of ingredients perfectly balanced to replenish your body, these ingredients have been highly valued since ancient times for the exquisite taste and impressive health benefits, a sweet way to cool down, Bee Hydrated Honey Waters are created by an Australian family who come from a heritage of beekeepers, supporting Australian Honey and saving the Bees

Every Luna Frankie "Shine" Gift Box Purchase donates to The Kidney Foundation

We have a close friend who has had a Kidney Transplant, and one little tween friend who will eventually be having one, so we are big supporters of The Kidney Foundation

So if we can help this organisation, even in the smallest way to continue to help those with kidney disease, to improve their health outcomes and quality of life, and that of their families and carers too we are onboard whole heartedly

Please note we are not experts, just real people navigating life as best we can hoping to help anyone who needs something to send and anyone who is experiencing tough times with our gift boxes full of healing goodness

If you, or anyone you know is experiencing challenges with bullying, please reach out to:

with much Love, Hope and Healing

Lisa and Shannon xo

what to send... why a Luna Frankie, that's what you send xo


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