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I've always been a fan of the good old lucky dip, you know that box full of mystery gifts which we choose from, where every gift is a prize, and part of the novelty is that the gift will be a surprise!

I remember begging my family members at the show, school fetes or markets for the money to get that surprise gift many times as a kid, and the times we got to get one are such fond memories.

Now being a parent, whenever I see Lucky Dips I always try to let my kids get them, because well you guessed it, I love them and secretly want to see what they get as much as they do!

Because of that love and fun we are bringing them back here at Luna Frankie, but with a Luna Frankie healing and intuative twist !!!  

Why you ask? Well we love surprises. They are the perfect way to add spark to a dull week and make fun memories.


And lets face it, we spend so much of our time going through the motions, often struggling with the past and worrying about the future in our day to day 'grown up' lives, that we need a little surprise goodness in our world!




Surprise is wonderful because it pulls us into the moment and forces us to experience the now.

Surprise is our instant reaction whenever we face something unexpected. It could be as simple as a bee landing on our shoulder or as life-changing as winning the lottery.

Surprise is also one of the seven basic emotions that influences our lives. What makes it special though is that, unlike the others like happiness and sadness, surprise enhances our other emotions so they become more memorable.
As we are all about goodness and healing here at Luna Frankie, we thought we would share some of the amazing benefits of 'Surprise'...

Given how typically short-lived the feeling of surprise is, you might not expect it to have much of an effect. However, researchers have discovered some key ways pleasant surprises boost our well-being.

1 It boosts memory

You’re more likely to remember a surprising experience than an expected one. Researchers at the University of Madgeburg in Germany discovered that the hippocampus, a part of the brain that helps process and store information, becomes more active when people are faced with shocking information or stimuli compared to the familiar. As a result, your brain remembers more details about things that elicit surprise compared things you expect.

This is why you can recall vivid details about exciting childhood experiences, but sometimes struggle to remember things you did last week (insert lucky dips here).

2 Pleasant surprises make us happier

Researchers at Emory University and Baylor College of Medicine discovered that the pleasure centers of our brains are more active when we experience surprising positive moments compared to positive moments that we expect to happen. This is why we tend to feel so much happier when someone gives us a gift at random times of the year than on Christmas or our birthday when we’re expecting presents. It also amplifies unexpected pleasures like compliments from people who rarely give them and sunny weather after weeks of rain.

3 It adds spark to your relationships

Studies show that doing novel activities with your partner improves your level of satisfaction in your relationship. When you’ve been with someone for years, it’s easy to fall into daily habits that leave you feeling bored with your relationship. Taking time to surprise your partner by doing new activities together brings back the excitement you felt in the early days of your relationship when everything was new and fun.

So we really think we should add more Surprises to our lives, its good for us, the studies say so !!! How do we add more Surprise to our everyday lives, here are some ideas?

Change your routines: Run a different path, take a new route to work, try new recipes or restaurants etc.. Every so often do your everyday things differently so life doesn’t become boring.

Take more risks: Try things you’d normally be scared to do like talking to a stranger, volunteering for a challenging project at work, or start pursuing a new goal. It forces you into unpredictable situations that can evoke lots of interesting surprises.

Do more fun activities with your friends and/or partner: It can be as simple as reminiscing in your teenage years by going roller skating and eating pizza or as extravagant as getting together to do things like going to big concerts, skiing, etc. Doing novel activities with people allows you experience surprise together and make great memories.

Get a Luna Frankie Intuative Lucky Dip!!!


Our friends at Crusading Spirit have handmade Intuitive Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends and created One Card Reading Guidance packs for us to have as our first Luna Frankie Lucky Dip for you all !!!

We are super excited because every Essential Oil Pure-fume Blend and One Card Reading is different, all totally beautiful, created by Crusading Spirit Intuitivley, and the universe knows which one is right for you !

It's a true Lucky Dip Surprise of Spiritual, Healing, Goodness! Tick, Tick, Tick

So if your into delicious essential oils, and like a little intuitive guidance, why not treat yourself, or a loved one to a surprise Luna Frankie Lucky Dip !

If you do decide you just have to have one of these in your life, we would really love to see your surprise when it arrives too, because clearly we are all about sharing surprises and all the happy benefits along with them, so remember to post images, tell us what aromatherapy pure-fume you receive, and what card that accompanies it so we can experience your surprise along side you !!!

These are strictly Limited Numbers, so you have to be quick! All you have to do is order online and we will get the surprise gift wrapped and delivered to you!

Shop the Luna Frankie Lucky Dip here:

much love, hope and healing

Lisa and Shannon xo

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