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Life is a little like a message in a bottle, to be carried by the winds and the tides.

aromatherapy blessings limited edition Luna Frankie

the Luna Frankie Message in a Bottle is full of Essential oil Pure Fume goodness, a one card reading by Crusading Spirit gift wrapped with botanicals and raw crystals in a maison jar
Essential Oils are true gifts of the Earth and are able to assist us through different stages of healing; by supporting the physical body, helping us balance ourselves emotionally, allowing us to feel supported and open to releasing old habits and beliefs, and explore our own spirituality and self awareness.
This can, in turn, can help us to uncover our purpose and live out our passion. These little bottles of goodness are able to assist us through so much of what can distract us from our daily lives; from common ailments, anxiety, sleep issues, emotional support, pain, stress and so much more.
Pure Fume what are these little bottles of goodness? This is your very own bottle of an essential oil perfume blend. We feel so blessed and lucky to share with you this intuitive blend containing a special combination of Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. These are diluted to 10% as is recommended for topical use and added to organic Fractioned Coconut Oil.
Your personal oil blend and card combination is unique to you and is linked to your own emotional and spiritual energies and needs. We have entrusted the universe and our intuitive abilities to connect each individual card reading and essential oil blend with exactly who requires it. Be open and trust.
You may like to re-read your card meaning over the coming days, weeks or months for additional insights. You might like to use this as a daily fragrance, or this “Pure-Fume” can be used as what we like to call an “Anchor Blend”, to help link, associate or ’anchor’ yourself with an intention, thought, feeling or particular purpose of your choice.
It is great to use for meditations and yoga, or as a reminder or comfort whenever some extra support is needed. Every Essential Oil has it’s own properties on how they affect the body and brain. These essential oils have been specifically chosen for the woman's body, mind and spirit and the unique blends of ours have been lovingly and intuitively developed to evoke and support different areas of our emotional body.
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