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Crystals for letting go

Crystals can move, absorb and focus positive and negative energy or vibrations in the body to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - the power of crystals is amazing for improving health and wellbeing on many different levels: mind, body, spirit and beyond

wear them, meditate with them, sleep near them, place them around your work, home or car, even in your handbag or maybe just for pure styling prettiness, there is a crystal for everyone, the below are great for helping to let go:


Rose Quartz

Soothing rose quartz is wonderfully effective for releasing emotional baggage from being hurt by a loved one. It clears away fear and resentment so that you can deal with the experience in a more confident state of mind. Rose quartz will give you comfort and inner peace as you work through the trauma and let it go. This gemstone resonates with the heart chakra, making it an excellent healing crystal for matters of the heart.

The supreme stone of emotional healing, rose quartz crystals for letting go is considered best as an elixir. It will help you find forgiveness and end rage. Rose quartz can be used to rekindle lose love towards people too.


One of the best crystals for letting go of old emotional baggage and moving on is amethyst. It is a crystal of transformation. Amethyst provides soothing emotional support while you work through painful experiences. This is a Third Eye, lower crown and upper crown chakra gemstone that will help you see your situation more clearly. You will be able to calmly face the painful experience that has become your emotional baggage, understand what happened and let it go.


Beautiful blue Aquamarine supports calm reflection while you work through painful experiences. This is a very soothing crystal. It will provide protection from the emotional pain that you may feel while working through your baggage before letting it go. Aquamarine is a lovely heart and throat chakra crystal. It will help you work through your painful experiences truthfully, then soothe your mind with its cool, blue energy.

Blue Topaz

Pale blue topaz gives you the calm confidence you need to work through your emotional baggage. It is a good gemstone for letting go of old habits, like old baggage from a painful emotional experience. Blue topaz will also give you emotional strength and determination. This is a dispeller/strengthener crystal that resonates with the throat and Third Eye chakras. It will help you see the painful experiences that caused your emotional baggage more clearly so you can understand, work through them and let them go.


Cheery yellow citrine is an extremely powerful gemstone for releasing negativity and the emotional baggage that causes negativity. It helps you work through painful experiences with a more positive attitude, keeping you well-balanced emotionally and better able to control your emotions. It also encourages feelings of empowerment, confidence and positivity. Citrine is a wonderful solar plexus chakra gemstone, which is the area where many of us carry our emotional baggage. This is an excellent crystal for people who are especially sensitive to negativity from others.

Cranberry Aura Quartz

Beautiful, highly reflective cranberry aura quartz chases away any feelings of sadness to help you deal with painful experiences with a more balanced, positive state of mind. It is nearly impossible to stay sad and angry when you have this lovely crystal near you. This is a seeker/transformer crystal that energizes all of your chakras, although it is especially beneficial for the crown chakra.


Boost your confidence and self-esteem with muscovite while you work through your emotional baggage. This stone is helpful for emotional baggage from being unfairly criticized and treated harshly by others. It is a guardian/bonder crystal that will give you the courage to stay strong in your beliefs, no matter how critical or belittling people in your life can be sometimes. Muscovite comes in many colors, including brown, blue, gray, green, pink, red and yellow. Green muscovite is called fuchsite. Muscovite in any color is a good heart chakra crystal; however, dark pink and green muscovite or fuchsite are the most powerful.

Rainbow Moonstone

Use rainbow moonstone to ease the pain of emotional experiences as you work through them in order to let them go. It will help you see the traumatic event clearly, keep you calm as you work through it and help you heal emotionally when you release the negative energy. Rainbow moonstone resonates with the crown chakra; however, setting a rainbow moonstone at the heart and solar plexus chakras during meditation will facilitate emotional balance and healing.

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