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Bereavement and little boys

australia bereavement boys healing limited edition Luna Frankie luxe care boxes mental health what to send with love Luna Frankie xo

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Are you who I think you are?
Up above my world you fly
watching me as night goes by,
I feel you close, though you are afar
Twinkling bright, My Angel Star - Mary Jac

Our Luna Frankie Boy Bereavement Case is for when little ones lose someone close, or go through tough times, all of the things to help them get through

Finn 'Stuffy'

Finns vibe is one of a well loved bear. With his unique stitched inside out look, beaded eyes, super soft like velvet and measuring 16.5cm high it makes him an ideal bear for cuddles

Grandpa's Guardian Angel by Jutta Bauer

With gentle visual humour, Jutta Bauer's simple story shows how Grandpa's charmed life may be due to someone special watching over him all along. This little boy's grandpa tells him stories whenever he visits. He tells how nothing ever seemed to hurt him. Every morning as a boy, he would run past the big statue of an angel on his way to school, and bullies, buses, high trees, deep lakes - none could touch him. Even through war, hunger and unemployment, and all the strange things life threw at him, Grandpa's angel - though never specifically mentioned - is always at his shoulder, looking out for him

Teddy Bear Drawstring Back Pack
Calico Bag (33.5x46cmH)

Happy Child [Rose ‘Happy Child’] by La Vie de la Rose

Engenders greater psychological wholeness and spiritual well-being in children birth to age 12. Assists children to heal and resolve challenging emotional experiences.

Suitcase Gift Box
Featuring metal handles and corner protectors with an easy to use lock, this suitcase will be a favourite to save special items and treasures, made from sturdy cardboard.


Every Luna Frankie Boy Bereavement Case donates to the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

The Starlight Children's Foundation Australia aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and young people

Express Delivery included
All these items gift boxed with love and delivered Australia Wide xo

Connection - Community - Humanity
Luna Frankie, what to send when someone is suffering a loss, fighting a health battle, or needs uplifting, special occasion gifts too Bespoke Limited Edition Care Boxes delivered Australia wide with elements of Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Charity support from each purchase

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