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because we know deep sorrow, we also know unspeakable joy

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our son would be 13 today, so we are sending heavenly birthday kisses his way

he became an angel at aged 5, his life expectancy was a tiny 2 so we feel blessed to have had him more than double the medically expected

every story and person is different, but we have always been mindful to think and remember positively, because we found if you do, the dark heaviness turns to light and the memories are more happiness and smiles

through our loss, we have grown, learnt and been able to help many others, and as we cant control the reason why or how we sometimes lose loved ones, we can control how we continue living with them in our hearts xo

These words by Angela Miller from a bed for my heart are like she just read our minds, we hope if you need it, they will heal you a little too xo

Though I will grieve the death of my son forever and then some, it does not mean my life is lacking happiness and joy. Quite the contrary, in fact, though it took awhile to get there. It is not either/or, it’s both/and. My life is more rich now. I live from a deeper place. I love deeper still. Because I grieve I also know a joy like no other. The joy I experience now is far deeper and more intense than the joy I experienced before my loss. Such is the alchemy of grief.

Because I’ve clawed my way from the depth of unimaginable pain, suffering and sorrow, again and again– when the joy comes, however and whenever it does– it is a joy that reverberates through every pore of my skin and every bone in my body. I feel all of it, deeply: the love, the grief, the joy, the pain. I embrace and thank every morsel of it. My life now is more rich and vibrant and full, not despite my loss, but because of it. In grief there are gifts, sometimes many. These gifts don’t in any way make it all “worth” it, but I am grateful beyond words for each and every gift that comes my way. I bow my head to each one and say thank you, thank you, thank you. Because there is nothing– and I mean absolutely nothing– I take for granted. Living life in this way gives me greater joy than I’ve ever known possible

Because we know deep sorrow, We also know unspeakable joy

read Angela's beautiful full post here:

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